Episode 198

Cash Generation Content Ideas (for when you need to bring money into your business fast)

If you need to bring money into your business right now - or you’re worried about the rising cost of living - the last thing you should be doing is sitting at home creating social media posts, blog posts or email lead magnets. 

What kind of content should you be creating instead? 

In this episode of the Courageous Content podcast, I share content ideas for times when you need to bring money into your business fast i.e. Cash Generation Content ideas.

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If you're worried about the rising cost of living, you may think doubling down on your social media efforts is the answer or launching a blog or podcast or weekly newsletter. I'm Janet Murray. I'm a content and online business strategist. In this episode of the courageous content podcast, I share my advice on the kind of content you should create to bring money into your business fast.

And what I share might surprise you.

So if I needed to bring money into my business fast, my priority would be to find events to go to, even if I had to invest money in tickets, travel and even accommodation. Now that might sound strange coming from a content strategist who sells digital products online and teachers, social media, email marketing, content marketing, but here's the thing and effective content strategy isn't about which


platforms you post on or what time you post or how.

It's about focusing on the right activities at the right time. Now I've covered this in a number of other episodes, including what is cash generation content and how much time to spend on cash generation content. And I will link to both of those in the show notes, but here's a quick overview to put this into context.

So to make sure you have a consistent. Flowing into your business and you avoid getting stuck in feast and famine. You need to create content for three groups of people. First off, you've got your cold audience. These people don't even know about you yet. So there's absolutely zero chance they'll buy, but they are out there.

They are looking for answers to their questions. They're looking for solutions to their problems. So this group need audience growth content. So content that answers their


questions solves their problems. Not specifically about your product of service. Let's face it. They haven't heard of you yet, but problems or questions that anyone with your expertise could tackle.

And by the way, if you are a product based business owner, remember you are an expert in the problems that your product will service solves. You don't just sell a product. And again, that's something I have covered in numerous podcast episode. And while audience grow content can help you get found by your ideal customers or clients for years to come in fact, remember that most people aren't ready to buy for months or sometimes even years after the day or time that they find you.

And that's why you need to create content for two other types of people. So next, you've got your warm audience. So these people typically know about you, perhaps they follow


you on social media. Maybe they subscribe to your newsletter, listen to your podcast, whatever content you're putting out there.

Maybe they're even quite engaged. They respond to a lot of your posts. They get into conversations with you, but they haven't invested. Or if they have, they've made a very small investment. Now, these people may be your ideal customers or clients, but they still need to get to know like, and trust you, which means they need nurturing content.

So nurturing content can show up in many forms. If you have my courageous content planner and content kit, by the way, this would typically be inspire and community content. So when you're nurturing, Rather than create educate or news and trends, content, where you are answering questions, you're solving problems.

I would really focus on starting conversations and discussions, which is much more in the realm of community and


inspire content. Another thing I would also consider doing is showing up more on video or sharing more photos of yourself, particularly photos that are perhaps a little bit more informal or behind the scenes of your office, where you work.

For example, And also personal stories, obviously on topics that you feel comfortable to share, because in that nurturing stage, you're looking to build a connection and connections are often built through common ground common experiences. Then you've got your hot audience. These are the people who are most likely to buy.

They might even buy today or certainly this week or this month. And while they might appreciate your audience, grace content and your nurturing content, they don't need it. And actually you creating more blogs, social media posts, newsletters. Can actually just be a form of


procrastination because what this group really need from you, they already know you like you trust you.

Presumably you've already got them good results. So what they need is targeted offers for products or services that solve their problems. They need cash generation content, cash generation content is a specific type of content you create that is designed to bring money into your business in the short term.

So I usually talk about this in terms of less than 30. If you need to bring money into your business class, you do not need to be writing more. Social media posts, newsletters, recording, more podcasts. You need to create high touch content. Outreach emails and messages follow up emails, voicemails, videos, however you usually communicate, but it needs to be high touch.

And what's interesting is when I talk to business owners about how much


time they spend on cash generation content, whether they have any templates or resources they use specifically for this type of content, the answer is usually no, they just haven't thought about it. And when they do, it's a huge light bulb moment.

en also includes a copy of my:

Our link to that in the show notes. So, if you have picked out this episode to listen to, because the title and the intro resonated with you, you do need to bring more money into your business right now, or you are worried about the rising cost of living, or you do feel as if you are stuck


in feast and famine.

The last thing you need to be doing right now. Sitting at home in front of your computer, writing more social media posts, blog posts, or creating email lead magnets. And my absolute top piece of advice would be to get out there and go to events. The reason I say. You shouldn't be creating social media posts, blog posts, lead magnets.

It's because that's audience grows content. So it's not going to get you results in the short term. It doesn't mean it's not important. And in those episodes, I mentioned earlier, I go into this in much more depth, but hands down, one of the most effective ways to generate leads and sales quickly is to get out there and meet people to have conversations, to make connections.

So, if you do need to bring money into your business fast, one piece of content you can create today is a list


of events. You can go to where your ideal clients are going to be hanging out. You may need to invest some budget. You may need to invest in some time, but hands down, anytime I have invested both time and money in going to.

Where I know my ideal customers and clients are going to be, I come away with new clients and new connections, because remember it isn't just about the sales or the new clients that you sign while you're at the event. This is about building your network, your process for generating leads and sales referrals, recommendations for years to come.

So you will get that short term benefit. You will also be building for the future. Now I realize that this might sound surprising as someone who teaches content for a living, somebody who sells digital


products online, and I've shared this in a number of social media posts, but I don't think I've ever had a year where I've had so many clients come to me where they've invested in expensive coaching programs or working with a business coach.

And they don't have any clients, either none at all, or they don't have a process for getting clients. Now, before I was a content strategist and started running my online business, I was a freelance journalist. So I had to learn how to get clients basically. So this has always been something that's been second nature to me.

And I almost felt like I didn't need to teach this because surely this is something that people just know. And actually someone said to me recently, as a content teacher, it shouldn't be your job to teach this. And I just said to her, but no one else is teaching it. I've always


taught this stuff. But I realized that I wasn't being obvious enough, which is why I've started talking about cash generation content.

It's just so important. It's the foundations of everything that you will do in your business. If it really, really isn't possible to get out and meet people that is the quickest way to generate leads and sales, which I say, even as somebody who teaches content who loves creating content, then hot outreach.

So personal emails, messages, follow ups to your hottest leads, which I do cover in those two podcast episodes. I mentioned in more detail, but making that list of events to go to. Spending time putting your office together, updating your social media, bios the about page on your website, creating templates for follow up


emails for the people that you do meet at that event.

That's the type of content you need to be focusing on right now. If it would be beneficial for you to meet business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, across all sorts of industries. In fact, businesses and brands who need to create content to promote their products or services. I do have a live event that you can come to.

It's called courageous content live it's happening on November the first and second in Newcastle in the Northeast of England, I'll share in a sec why I chose that venue. You'll get two days of high quality content training, including how to create a content strategy. That includes cash generation content.

You'll get to create your:


world's leading content experts on what you should be focusing on in 2023 and the things that maybe you shouldn't prioritize, but more importantly, you will get to meet real people.

You'll have real conversations, you'll start to build real relationships, which is exactly what we all need right now. And if you need to bring money into your business right now, you feel. That those people in the room would be beneficial for you to me. And to start to build your network, then you absolutely need to be there because it's an absolute steal.

Couple of days of content training, plus all that networking and relationship building. You'd be mad not to take me up on the offer. Why is it in Newcastle? We have covered this in previous episodes, but it's probably one of the nicest cities, but also one of the most cost effective cities


to host an event, hiring a venue in London for an event of that size would probably cost two or three times the amount, which means I'd have to pass that onto you in the ticket price.

this, which is in September,:

So this really is about creating an affordable experience for you, but also. It's about giving you that opportunity to take a few days out of your business to work on it. Not in it, that's often the biggest benefit people share after the event, they book for the content they book for the community, the networking, but they say,


wow, the benefit of just giving myself a few days out to work on my business rather than in, it was just incredible.

So I will put a link to Courageous Content Live in the show notes. If you use the code podcast, you will always get the best possible price on your tickets. As I'm recording this, if you're listening later, you may miss out on this, but you can still grab a ticket for less than 250 pounds. That's two days of training.

All of that networking, connecting fringe events, you will be mad and want to take me up on the offer. Hope to see you there.

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