Episode 6

4 content excuses that could be hurting your business

We need to talk about excuses.

Namely the excuses you might be making not to create content in your business.

Or the excuses you might be making about why the content you ARE creating isn’t generating leads and sales for your business. 

What I say in this solo podcast episode might sting a bit. But I promise it’s shared with the very best intentions.

Key moments

[1:20] Surprising reasons you might be struggling to create content 

[2:00] Why you can’t blame being ‘bad at tech’ for your content problems

[3:38] A common reasons mums struggle to find time for content

[5:20] Debunking the ‘algorithm’ myth 

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Yes, it might take you a bit of time to figure all of this out, but doesn't everything take time. The first time you do it, you're listening to the courageous content podcast. I'm Janet Murray, and I love helping coaches creatives and entrepreneurs create super engaging content that generates leads and sales for their businesses. No one starts a business and just knows how to create engaging content.


It's a skill that has to be learned in practice, and there's always something new to learn, no matter how long you've been in business. And I know running an online business can feel messy, perfectionism, fear, self doubt, and other mindset stuff can stop you showing up online in the way that's best for you. So you'll get help with that too.


Ready to get courageous with your content? Let's get started. I want to talk about excuses, namely, the excuses you might be making not to create content, feel business, all the excuses you might be making about why the content you are creating. Isn't generating leads and sales for your business. Now what I'm going to say might stink a bit,


but I promise it's shared with the very best intentions. Excuse number one. I don't have time. Now. I know it's annoying when people say this, but we do all have the same number of hours in a day. So if you're not creating content to promote your business, or you're not investing the time you need to create good content. So by that,


I mean, content that actually generates leads and sales for your business. It's because you're choosing to spend time on other things. If you listen to my coaching interview with social media manager, Francis Barrett, I will link to it in the show notes. You'll know that when it comes to content creation, time is rarely the problem. If you're too strung out and overwhelmed to create content for your business,


it may be because you're underpricing or undervaluing your products and services, maybe both butts until you figure out how you're spending your time and what you need to change. You won't be able to free up the time to spend on content creation. Excuse number two. I'm no good at tech. Now I know social media apps can feel overwhelming, especially on apps like Instagram,


where there are all these different spaces on the platform and they all have different features. And I also know that just opening an app like Instagram reels can feel overwhelming. I mean, what do all of those icons mean? And how do you even film a video, but in a time where you can access high quality content in the form of online tutorials absolutely free.


You really can't blame not being good at tech for not creating, engaging social media content. Seriously. The only way to get over your fear of tech is to open up the app and just start playing with it, just start using it. And if you're stuck on something, for example, how to add text to Instagram reels, just Google it or up on the app.


Instagram, for example, is a full of tutorials made by people like me on how to do this stuff. You just need to search for it. Yes. It might take you a bit of time to figure out the tech, but doesn't everything take time. The first time you do it. And maybe even the second or third time, but it does get easier.


The more you do it, you could even grab a teenager or spend some time with somebody who is good at tech and does understand the app or the tool that you're trying to get your head around. Excuse number three, I've got a family to look after hands up. I almost bottled out of this one, but this is the courageous content podcast after also,


I'm just going to say it. Yes. You might have kids, a partner or a husband, pets, aging parents, but so have hundreds, thousands of other business owners out there just like you and they're still managing to create content. So why aren't you? When a client of mine tells me they're struggling to find the time to create content. I often ask them to tell me what they've done that day or that week.


And it's very revealing. What often emerges is that they're going to the gym, the supermarket, the school uniform shop, having lunch with friends, running errands for the kids, partners, parents picking up prescriptions, or before settling down to work just after lunchtime, or maybe they're doing these things on and off throughout the day, which means they never get a good stretch of time to sit down and work on their business.


If you're running a business and you want that business to be successful, it has to come first. Now I'm not saying that you can't ever take an afternoon off to have lunch with a friend or you can't ever go to the gym during the day. But if you're serious about growing a business and you've only got from 9:00 AM in the morning, till three in the afternoon to work,


which is true for many of my clients, then you need to make the most of every second, which may mean shopping, online, changing, or fitness schedule and getting your part and kids to run their own errands. Excuse number four, the algorithm, if you're not getting engagement on your content, it's easy to blame the algorithm. So this is the super secret equation that determines who your content gets shown to and who it doesn't.


So it's easier to blame Facebook or Instagram and say, it's the algorithm. It's not your fault. Then actually look at what's really going on your content. Isn't engaging your ideal customers or clients. They're just not interested in what you're posting. It's easy also to say, if I could just find the right hashtags or if I could just work out the right time of day to post that stuff,


doesn't really matter either. If you're not getting engagement on your content, it's because your content isn't engaging enough. It doesn't add value for your audience. It's not entertaining, inspiring, educational, whatever it is that your ideal audience needs it to be. So your first job is to figure about what your ideal followers need to hear from you and start creating the kind of content they want to see.


Now, what I've shared on this podcast may seem a little harsh, but if you want to build an online audience and generate leads and sales for your business, these are the things that you need to face up to. And if I don't have the courage to tell you this and give it to you straight, I'm doing you a disservice. If you enjoyed this dose of tough love,


or even if you didn't tag me in on Instagram at janmurrayUK, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Would you like to grow your audience on social media, head over to Janet murray.co.uk/audience to take my 62nd audience growth quiz, find out the steps you need to take to build your online audience and your sales. You get a detailed report with actionable tips,


tried and tested with hundreds of my clients from both products and service based businesses. So you can start creating super engaging content to attract your ideal clients today. Thanks for listening to the courageous content podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review on apple podcast or share the episode on social media. That way more people can benefit from the free tips and strategies I share and be sure to tag me in when you do I'm at Jan Murray on Instagram,


Twitter, and TikTok.

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