Episode 25

[TUTORIAL] How to create a content plan you can actually stick to

Do you find it hard to stick to a content plan?

You’re ‘good’ for a few weeks. Then something happens: your child or team member goes sick, an unexpected challenge crops up in your business and/or you have to hit ‘pause’ on your content plan.

You tell yourself it’s only temporary, that you’ll get back to it as soon as you can. But days go by, maybe even weeks or months when you’re only posting sporadically. 

And you start to feel frustrated with yourself. 

You’ve proved you can stick to things in the past: what’s so hard about sticking with a content plan?

If this sounds familiar, you’ll love this podcast episode.

In it, I’ll reveal why you’ve not managed to stay on track with your content plan in the past and show you how to create a plan you can actually stick to. 

Key Moments

[1:58] Why most content plans don’t work

[5:27]  How failing to stick to a content plan affects self- confidence 

[6:34] Creating your annual content plan (in just 15 minutes) 

[8:44] Quarterly content planning - and how it reduces overwhelm

[11:46] When to create your monthly plan 

[13:47] How my 4 x 4 content planning strategy can save you time

[14:35] The four styles of content you should publish every week 

[20:49] A content repurposing tip that will save you time

[22:46] How my Courageous Content Planner and Courageous Live event can help you create more content in less time 

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