Episode 188

The Facebook Groups update that could change your business

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by poor reach in your Facebook group, you’ll want to hear all about this new Facebook Groups update. 

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, I share some other updates from summer 2022 which are pretty exciting for business owners.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode: 

  • How to tag everyone in your Facebook group in a post 
  • The ‘welcome message’ update that could help with group engagement 
  • Facebook’s new Community Chat Channels 

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If you found yourself feeling frustrated with engagement in your Facebook group, I have some good news for you, so good. It could even change your business. I'm Janet Murray. I'm a content and online business strategist. I'm also the creator of the courageous content planner and a whole host of content kits that will save you a ton of time on content creation for your business or brand.

If you have a Facebook group, like I do either a free one or one you use for paying customers or clients, you may have found


yourself feeling frustrated at times, because until recently you couldn't guarantee all your group members would see your posts, which was okay for day to day chat, but super frustrating.

If there was something you wanted everyone in your group to. In my case, I felt particularly frustrated about reminders, about live sessions or classes as people would often say, the post didn't show up in their feed until after the live session, sometimes even days later. So I'm a bit late to the party here, but I've recently discovered


the app.

Everyone function on Facebook, which allows you to tag everyone in your group in a specific post. If you already know about the app, everyone feature then stick with me because I do have some other updates to. And I also want to find out how you are using it because I found it's a little bit glitching, like many new features on Facebook.

I have to post from my back book and then I have to add the everyone tag from my phone. And that's not just me.


I've spoken to lots of people. Who've found that this new feature, although it's great is a bit glitchy to get working, or it certainly can. Using the app, everyone tag, and you literally post your post and then add at everyone in the comments has just been brilliant for increasing engagement in the live sessions and classes in my curator's club that said I wouldn't use it for every post as it could get annoying for your group members, but I certainly will be using it for


content that I want to get in front of everyone in my curator's club membership community.

or on their way as of August,:



So it's more consistent with your other branding. You can also automate welcome messages to new group members. Previously, you were prompted to welcome them, but you still had to do it manual. You can now also pin announcements in a featured section for even more visibility. So your well posed, for example, can be the first thing people see when they navigate to the group, or for example, the reminder for your latest class or live session.

If you run a membership


community like I do, Facebook is also testing, adding some new, smaller subgroup engagement options with community chat channels, audio rooms, and topic feeds within groups. Community chat channels is particularly interesting because it will enable group members to chat in real time, across both Facebook groups and messenger.

Personally, as someone who uses a Facebook group to support a membership community. I feel like this feature could probably cause more problems


than it solves, but obviously that remains to be seen. And in other context, like three groups, it could be really useful. Although my personal experience is when you are leading a community, anytime where people are kind of breaking off into smaller groups, unless that's very much led by you, it can often lead to problems, which end up taking up time and resources.

That you may not have. So if you have a Facebook group, I'd love it. If you could take a look at yours, let me know if you've got


access to any of these new features or updates. Have you been using the app? Everyone function. Is it glitchy for you? If so, what's your work around? I would love to know. And the best place to connect with me is over on Instagram.

I'm at Jan. By the way I do have a number of other episodes on Facebook groups, including how to build a thriving Facebook community around your business, which includes input from four business owners who have successfully built super engaged Facebook


communities. By the way, if you're listening around the time this episode goes live, or just after it's due to go live mid August, 2022, do make sure you join the wait list for my courages content planner and content kit, because pre-order is open at the end of the month.

for the coming year. And the:


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also a tried and tested content strategy to follow so you can create more content in less time.

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If you're listening to this episode before the end of


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That discount does vary


depending on where we are in our sales cycle. The earlier you buy the bigger the discount and pre-orders do open in August. But if you're coming to this episode later, use the code podcast at the checkout and you will get the best possible price available at the time.

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